It’s been a while but buying a house and some other news I’ve received recently have been distracting me from the blog. Yesterday I went to Jim Patterson Stadium and watch regional action for the college World Series. I hung out with the scout the Detroit tigers that I met a year ago. It was pretty neat I love listening to his insight. When I told him I was going to buy a house here he said you’re going to settle down? He said that regardless of how things turn out or what happened I would’ve been a great broadcaster and would have been a great asset Detroit and he was sad that I didn’t go. That was really nice of him to say.

I discovered this application called sports betting for the iPhone which allows you to play with fake money. It is my new crack. It links you to a website that allows you to play for real money and Erica help me sign up for it yesterday. I won $18 on the Spurs I placed the $30 that I now have 48. Thank you San Antonio an old man river walk.

My mom came into town Wednesday and Thursday so I enjoyed spending time with her and my grandma. I haven’t really seen them since Christmas they did stop in for about two hours in April but it was good to have a lot more time with her.

I put a offer in on a house and they counter offered so were just negotiating now. I’m learning patients through this process and I’ve even thought to myself and I’m making the right choice, but when I got home from the game yesterday I wanted to sit outside and my neighbors were smoking above me and there were people right to my left and in front of me no privacy. Long story short I will enjoy more piece from the condo.

I went over to Erika’s last night to watch the game and that’s where I remain stuck out here in the country. My plan was to go to the Kentucky game, but that quickly got shot down while texting her this morning. I was going to buy her a manicure and pedicure so I could go to the game but she did not want to do that. Instead I conceded to going swimming at her house, sitting on the swing and talking because we need to do that some more, and she said she would let me paint her nails! I asked her what I get in this exchange and the text messages stopped for about an hour. I finally wrote her and said I love you sounds like a great plan. She responded with that she was busy and she knew I was just playing which is mostly true. She is bringing back some sonic for me my favorite banana shake so that makes my day. I would’ve like to go to the Kentucky game today, but nothing really does beat just hanging out and enjoying someone’s company I’m growing pretty soft. I am looking forward to painting her nails I’ve never done that before so it could be interesting. I feel like that’s kind of a romantic thing sort of.


One thought on “Conceding

  1. Did I tell you about the first week I met Aimee, Joe? We spent every night just hanging around her apartment. Then she got the wild idea that she wanted red hair, and her mother wouldn’t do it. So I get the bright idea to say I’ll die it! Long story short, this legally blind idiot spent two hours doing what should have taken thirty minutes, and though the hair wound up being red, it was definitely NOT evenly died. Lesson learned lol. Hope the fingers turned out better than that hair 😉

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