Buying a home.

Monday I went househunting, which was interesting. It was me and my realtor who weeded out around a hundred homes that wouldn’t work due to transportation or bad shape. At the end of the day I know he is a salesman, but he is been very helpful which I appreciate. I didn’t take Robin because I wanted to get the whole feel of the house so I took my cane. I also felt Robin would get confused by walking around several times in a room. I don’t know how to explain how I see things, but I knew pretty fast if I like something or not. One condo we looked at had a pole in the middle and it was very open but I thought to myself this pole would probably be the death of me. I also thought visually this has to be an eyesore. One house we looked that I could touch the wall and I said this needs work my realtor agreed. Anyway I found two places I like and tonight we drew up an offer for the top one. I’m a bit nervous making a huge investment, but I’m really also excited but mainly nervous. I think I’m one hand it will be really nice to have something that is mine no one walking above me but on the other hand you never know what can happen with job opportunities or being fired. I look at life as a risk you can play it safe or you can gamble and I’ve done well on my gambling so far let’s hope it continues. That’s really all I have tonight I’m very tired it’s been a bit overwhelming putting this altogether but I’m 100% confident and the place I’ve chosen. I will have a lot more places to walk and catch the bus which I missed when I left downtown. It meets all of my requirements Robin has a little yard I have a bus stop and some restaurants I can walk to and it’s safe.


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