White water rafting and Reds game.

So when I left you Erica and I were at a winery bed-and-breakfast. My day I plan for her when off really well. The house was built in the 1800s and was prevalent in the Civil War. They actually had a slave quarters which was pretty neat to see. Sunday they made a country breakfast which was unbelievable. We had sweet potato pancakes hashbrowns and biscuits and gravy and fresh squeezed orange juice. One other note I really enjoyed our bed the posts were tree trunks or at least they felt like it.

Erica planned Sunday out for me since I did Saturday. We went to Frankfort Kentucky to Allcorn creek when we did a little water rafting. I believe the creek is like 99 miles but there’s a little stretch that is for beginners and it was pretty fun. I fell out twice once on accident once on purpose. I also tossed out Erica because she was being arrogant one time. haha were pretty good team I felt. We had two other people with us but once I learned the timing for paddling it was pretty easy.

After that she surprised me and took me to Cincinnati to the Reds game. Oh my gosh was it fun. I just want to say I finally had United dairy farmers ice cream they really need to bring to Louisville or if it’s here I need to know where. It was really nice being out with her tonight. I left Robin at home because I knew being around water would just scare her. After the game we drove home and I did a lot of singing in the car with the radio on. We got back to her parents place where she had a tent set up for us to stay outside. I felt like I was eight years old again staying out in my yard haha but we had a pool so it was fun. We went swimming around 230 this morning and I joke that I probably could see better than her which may have been true at that time.

I commented earlier about driving or the pressure from society and not having a car. Listening to the radio tonight I believe I know where that pressure stems from Music. Every country song is how a guy drives a pretty girl around and falls in love with her I’m very shortchanged on that. I think this weekend has taught me that you can’t be bothered by little things, because if you allow something to bring you down to its level then you will never rise up and reach your full potential. It’s okay to show weakness and there are times you can be weak, but you can’t let negativity consume you have to turn every negative experience into a positive. I tweeted out my blog post about Lyft on Friday, and while it wasn’t the best thing I’ve ever written it was my true emotion. I don’t find it okay because of a choice I make to have a service animal to be discriminated upon. If Robin had destroyed his car or did damage I would gladly pay, but she didn’t. For a few hours Friday night I was brought down to a level that I’m past and should be above. I used to think one day I would just understand blindness, but I find it as time goes by you’ll have your days. Just like I thought one day everyone would just understand my capabilities there always will be someone that doesn’t. That being said you can’t focus on that person or people that don’t get it you should rather focus on the people that do. I think human nature has us focus on the negative when times are hard it’s hard to see positive. This morning when we got out of the pool I heard birds chirping, smell the grass and trees, when I took Erica in my arms I felt someone that I want to protect, love, and provide for. These are all things for a long time I pushed away in my life. It’s easy to get caught up or swept away and what is happening now or to turn on the news or read a paper and only see negative, but there really is so much positive. Something simple as you waking up in the morning may just be a ritual but there are people that don’t. One question somebody asked me yesterday and a Facebook message was why do you go to so many games when you could just listen to it on the radio? Yes well I can’t see the game while there I can get lost in the atmosphere. I’ve met so many interesting people like in spring training 2010 where I met a woman who still buys two tickets to every game one for her deceased husband and she’ll go in memory of him. I find the perception that blind people could just stay home and listen to the radio fascinating, because I have no reason to hide or stay at home yes well I could save money I enjoyed being there.

I know I have limitations driving being one of them well at least legally. It can be a struggle for me trying to find my importance to someone. Could I be a good father? I would feel bad knowing that if I married let’s say Erica she would have to do all the driving. I know I could do other chores, and I would do as much as I could and emergency but you still have those limitations. I think to myself why would she want to be with me? I know this is a strange question but she’s young pretty smart I’m not putting commas but it’s okay haha so why is she able to see something that in my experience a lot of others haven’t? Maybe her blog post earlier answers that question. This weekend has been a little bit of a roller coaster for me Friday I started at the bottom Saturday I gradually went up the hill and Sunday we kept going up the hill. The way she just excepts me our communication it really is something I’ve never experienced before. I’ve gotten questions on how do I know someone is beautiful? Obviously I think personality, voice, play a part shit i didn’t need ,’s there. I think attraction plays a huge part when I hug Erica or have any physical contact I can tell she is beautiful i’m not looking at her with my eyes, but I think my other senses still play a huge role.

I have not slept at all in about 24 hours now and I have to look at three condos and three houses at two. This will be a fun day! My final thought is I really enjoyed what we did this weekend where Saturday I plan a day for her and Sunday she plan a day for me. Love and attraction a very complicated and I probably didn’t answer any questions it was mainly just me rambling, but when you get the opportunity to love someone cherish every moment, because it is special one of gods greatest gifts.


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