Flashback Indy 500 and a few other notes

That post this morning was probably the only time I’ve ever thought about not submitting something. I read over it about three times before submitting. Those were my thoughts of the time and kind of where I was so I figured I might as well submit. Since that post things have been going pretty well I went to a gun range got to shoot some pretty sweet firearms. I love shooting guns I don’t know why, but it release some of my stress. I then went on a drive with Erica and that was pretty nice. My friend at work asked me what I get out of going on a ride with somebody, and truthfully since I can’t see the scenery not much. I grew up in the country though and every weekend we would go for a ride since being on my own the last 10 years if I want to go somewhere I’m pretty much bound to the city I’m in or of course I could catch a flight somewhere. Erica and I drove around looking at different sceneries I found on the travel website. I put together this nice picnic where I made a salad, sandwiches, and I even cooked a brownie for dessert. We went to this nice park and Sat on a blanket is pretty nice. Tonight we’re going to this winery/bed-and-breakfast I’m pretty excited. They have nice spots we can watch the sunset which again I won’t get a lot out of but it’s more being with somebody in that moment if that makes any sense. Even though I can’t see the beauty of things like that I still just enjoy sitting with someone and getting lost in conversation.

Now that I’m back to 100% I decided to share my Indy 500 story a little early. This was the before Robin days or as I like to refer to it the 1 br. I went to the race with my friend Collin and his family. I decided my beer of choice would be old-style since I love the Cubs and I love old-style so it just made sense. Collin put it in a cooler and we got to the track around 9 o’clock I believe. We met some more friends from school and we got our seats in the infield. I remember a group beside us had a kiddie pool full of ice and beer by the time we left it was all gone. I remember having to use the bathroom twice and both times it sucked the floors are awful and I had to go in the trough. Now that they said the trough is probably my favorite out of all of them, because there’s no skill involved and everybody gets a little wet. haha when the race started it was kind of interesting because for about 20 seconds or so you hear noise and then nothing. We really couldn’t hear the speaker system at all where we were. I kind of got bored so I just kept drinking. I remember at one point Collins sister Megan and his girlfriend at the time Hannah rubbed sunscreen on my shoulders so I didn’t get burned. That’s when everything went dark the next thing I know I’m awake in the backseat of the car driving through Indianapolis. Collin said that he pretty much had to carry me to the car I don’t remember. Once we got to his place I had to go to the bathroom so rather than do the logical thing and ask him where the bathroom was I decided to P in his yard in the middle of Indianapolis. I remember this because he yelled at me for a good five minutes, but I’m from the country I don’t know what I was thinking it was very impolite. I remember drinking some water and Collin saying there was a barbecue we could go to, so we got in his car and drove to the barbecue. Someone gave me more beer and I remember falling asleep with the hamburger in my mouth. Again I don’t remember leaving I just remember waking up at Collins house around 3 o’clock in the morning and everyone was sleeping. Man I forgot the best part I forgot the best part I had a beer helmet with two canisters on the side and a straw that I bought at a novelty shop and I drank out of that for the race. While I don’t remember much of that day the parts I do remember we’re pretty funny and fun. I’m way too old for that now. I did work Indy 502 years ago for the radio station, and I have to say my experience with Collin was way better working the race was not as much fun.

I’ve been thinking about entering into politics, but I think this blog has probably ended any opportunity I have with that. Haha at least I’m honest. I think things at times can be depressing, but if you let someone or something control your emotions then you’re always going to go through life being down. I am not a sad person or nor do I allow myself to be too depressed but something yesterday snapped for me I’m not sure exactly why. I haven’t really talked about it with Erica whole lot it’ll come out in time but today it’s been nice just enjoying her company I have to go catch the sunset. I remember what Collin told me when he was yelling at me for urinating in his yard. He said it’s 330 and real light out, I remember responding saying it’s dark to me.


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