Lyft and service animals.

Today I have my first ever weird experience with Lyft and a service animal. With a busy weekend I forgot to schedule my ride for the normal bus service, so I scheduled Lyft and call the driver to tell him I had a service animal. I try to do that just in case they have an allergy. He told me that he loved animals, but he has a new car and didn’t want the dog to shed. He did still pick me up, but I have a big problem for these types of services in the future. I understand that they’re “” a contractor, but I feel that they should have to abide by the laws. This is really been my first questionable experience with them, but it is a concern for the future. My problem with this is he will pick up a drunk person that could puke in the back, but he’s worried about my service animal who is going to stay on the floor.


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