Conversations you should never have to have.

Now I understand people are ignorant and don’t understand how I can get around. That being said I’ve never been faced with the situation that happened yesterday at the Philadelphia Phillies game. I went to use the restroom and decided to go to a urinal because I could tell it was going to be a bad time in the stalls. Public places like that usually have terrible bathrooms, so rather than step in something gross I decided to take the easy route. While I was going to the restroom this guy started saying things like oh that’s amazing incredible what clued me and he was talking about me was he said you didn’t get anything on you. I honestly didn’t know what to say, because I realized this guy just watched me P. i’m pretty open you seen that in this blog so I would’ve been cool if you had just asked me a question when I was washing my hands on how I P. To stand beside me and look over it’s just weird and creepy. Anyway I just thought I would right about that weird experience, because it caught me off guard. When I went over to wash my hands he did say to me that I was amazing. I thought it was pretty cool to be amazing in his world all I had to do was just pee. I don’t remember speaking any complete sentences to the guy just yes or uh-huh. I chalk this up to a weird experience hopefully never to be repeated.


2 thoughts on “Conversations you should never have to have.

  1. I would have been creeped out. Knowing you didn’t get anything on you is obvious he was really watching you… But he is right, you are amazing… And he is creepy…

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