Yankees game got rained out Neil is stuck in Louisville while his wife and I are homeless in New York sort of

Well tonight I was supposed to go to the Yankees game but it got rained out so instead I went to an old pub it was pretty good. Neil took Erica back to work like early this afternoon and I thought he would be here by now, but he sent me a text message that said a bunch of words I cannot say publicly well I could say them but I won’t. Apparently he is stuck in Louisville he supposed to meet me at Philadelphia tomorrow which I just bought an Amtrak ticket for $53 from New York to Philadelphia one hour 15 minutes I didn’t think that was bad. Last time I took Amtrak they try to make me buy a seat extra for Robin I’ve honestly never had a great success with them but other blind people swear by them so I don’t know.

So I’m thinking about buying a house which is been very agonizing for me. I hate making choices in a sense I overthink everything and analyze way too much. Being blind also has created a few problems for me in this process. The first thing is do I want to buy a house or condo? If I buy a house I have to pay somebody to MOMA yard and do some of the outside work, because like I said earlier I don’t think I can mow yard straight. There’s just a lot of upkeep on a house where the condo you don’t have a keep on the inside, but some of the condo’s rules irritated me. So I told my realtor my problems and he is like I don’t mow my yard either but I pay somebody but that’s great and all but right now he is sending houses that make my rent go up about $100 a month plus add on another hundred dollars to mow my yard not sure I like that. I’m trying to remain positive, but it is difficult. He is doing me one favor though he is going to look at the houses before hand so we don’t waste time. He sent me a text on Friday that said two houses he looked at were in bad shape. I do trust him but at the end of the day he is a salesman. Haha so there is a dilemma. Being blind I could tell you if I like the house from the feel of it but I’ve no idea what it looks like or how much work it will require obviously there are things like a final home inspection but that’s towards closing. The process has just been a little bit more tedious than I would like so far, but he thinks on Wednesday will have two or three houses to look at. A few of my friends keep asking me are you sure Louisville is where you want to live? I really do want to settle down and have a place to call my own, but no one knows the future or what will come up. I’ve been here three years now and I don’t see myself leaving anytime soon. Anyway those are my thoughts winding the night down it’s been a crazy day, but a good one. I talked to Erica on the phone and she was so happy about being able to come to New York for the night I’m sad she’s gone but I’m not worried or jealous so that’s a great thing. I feel bad about Neil being stuck there though but hopefully will reconnect tomorrow. He told me he doesn’t mind he thinks of me as a son or brother. His wife and him could never have children so they both kind of adopted me. Tomorrow I will work on my Amtrak experience from Chicago and write about my experience to Philadelphia good night finally.

I almost forgot about the subject of this post so we bought Yankee tickets, and the game was rained out. I talked to a ticket agent they said they cannot refund me my money that I could exchange it for a game within 12 months tomorrow’s game is already sold out so I’m out of luck there and Louisville is like 800 miles from New York. She did not have much sympathy for me East Coast women are very unattractive to me I don’t like the accent I love the southern accent though. I get it you’re from Brooklyn life is been hard their sarcasm hopefully it writes out that well. The first night we got a deal for a hotel room through Groupon, but my God renting a hotel is like one month down payment on my house, so one of my friends is hosting us tonight. Things turn out a little different but it still overall a good night.


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