It’s funny services for people with disabilities discriminate against people with disabilities

So I wanted to come on here and talk about my real estate experience but that will have to wait until tomorrow. Instead I will focus on what just happened! Now I’m not in a very bad mood because something happen if I got home that was very sweet, but I was subject to discrimination by a transportation company who is supposed to provide transportation for people with disabilities. Here is what happened! It was getting breezy and starting to look and feel like it was going to rain. My window to be picked up was from 911 two 9:41 PM. I called dispatch around 938 because I did not see them and I fear that they had been there and missed me somehow. They told me another seven minutes which I was like okay as long as it doesn’t start raining I’m cool.

When the driver showed up what he told me pissed me off quite frankly! There was a lady on board who said she was scared of dogs he picked her up five blocks from me and rather then pick me up and take me home first like he was supposed to because the woman fear dogs he had to run her clear across town and then come back for me. Mind you this is a service meant for people with disabilities. Dispatch didn’t say nothing he asked me did they tell you why I was late? I said all they told me was you be about seven minutes late. So putting this in perspective it was radioed to the entire company that she was scared of the dog and rather than having someone else pick me up I was subject to being picked up late and basically being discriminated upon because I have a service animal by a company that serves people with disabilities. I just want to know why am I subject to this? So next time I’m riding and someone is talking to themselves can I ask the driver or tell the driver I’m scared of people who talk to themselves and they will do something about it? The answer is no they will tell me it is a shared ride service which is exactly what that woman should of had to hear it’s really fucking unbelievable to me and I’m going to stop writing now before I say something I’ll regret. I will just say this this is happened now twice with this company and it will not happen again. I’m tired of having a dog and being treated like a second-class citizen when I shouldn’t be.


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