Robin and yearly check up

Yesterday I took Robin to the vet for her yearly checkup. She weighs 73 pounds, and the vet said she is very healthy. She said she looks a lot better than the last time she saw her. However I mentioned an issue that I’m having which is her hair keeps falling out in clumps or balls and the vet thought it could be a thyroid issue. She wanted to do a blood test which would also work for dental if I decided to get her teeth cleaned later in the year. She asked me if I wanted to do a $150 bloodwork or $230 bloodwork? I said what is the difference? She said the cheaper one is not as thorough, but I said can we work with that? She said yes, so thank God. If it is a thyroid issue I have to give Robin a pill every day for the rest of her life, so truthfully I’m hoping there’s no problems. I do need to find a new vet though my bill was way more than I was thinking, and it seems to happen every time. For service animal with the way my school does it is the vet bill is my responsibility. She cost $50,000 to train, I only had to pay hundred and 50 to go to the school. I can handle a few vet bills! One thing I hate about going to an appointment like that is you never know when it’s going to be over so scheduling a ride home can be difficult if you don’t want to wait around too much. I decided to take Lyft home since they’re still running a free promotion. I waited eight minutes after I paid and they were there unbelievable!

Robin seem pretty lethargic when we got home, so I let her rest. At the vet office it was funny she is not a very good guide there because she’s so nervous. As soon as we walked in she starts crying and taking her nose and bumping my leg. Then she takes my hand in her mouth lightly. When the vet wanted me to follow her back to the office Robin tried to pull me to the door! In the room she laid at my feet. She does really well though when they’re drawing blood, taking her temperature, or doing the check up. There are definitely ups and downs to owning a service animal, but I wouldn’t trade Robin away for anything.


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