My work with making television accessable

For the last three years now I’ve been pretty upset that there is no talking box in the United States for the visually impaired or blind. The United Kingdom has pretty much every network primetime show descriptive audio and they have talking television boxes so blind people can have access to the guide and DVR. However in United States we have no talking box or television at all besides the Apple TV which does not do any live programming. It was announced last year that Comcast was making a talking cable box, but has not been released yet. My thought is what about these other cable companies you can’t have Comcast everywhere? I went with AT&T U-verse because at least I can set an control my DVR with my iPhone. I have been tweeting Time Warner almost daily now for some sort of solution for blind people in markets where Comcast is not available. They tell me they may have a solution and I’m going to meet with a few technology specialist while in New York next weekend. I really hope this implementation is not too far off, because it is ridiculous that blind people as a whole do not really have an accessible television in 2014. I can scan and read my mail but I can’t tell what is on the history channel it really is unbelievable. After the meeting on Saturday I plan to watch the Yankees game which is awesome because I wanted to see Derek Jeter live one time. I just wanted to post the exciting news about my meeting with Time Warner.


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