My issues with the thermostat

One thing if I and up buying a house will be I’m definitely going to invest into a talking thermostat. Last night I turned on the air conditioning mainly to get rid of the humidity and I woke up freezing and had to adjust the temperature. That’s one thing I hate about the city I can’t fall asleep with my window open. Anyway with my new thermostat I cannot tell what temperature it is set at! I used to have one that had like a slider and I could label it so for example I could put a dot at 70° and just line it up. Now I have one that is digital so you just push a button which that is great, but for the blind it gives no feedback. I can’t really just go to my apartment complex and say hey I would like a talking thermostat do you mind if I change this? At times it’s the stupid little small things like that that just get on my nerves and why they are not accessible.


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