Crossing streets

Today’s blog will be a simple one, but a question I get a lot. The question is how do I cross a street without knowing the color of the light? What you do is listen to parallel traffic when they go it is safe to cross. A number of factors can make it difficult such as wind or other noises throughout the city. Some streets are harder to cross than others such as three-way intersections and major roads. I would like to see audible signals at every light, but that is a dream. The thing that floors me is that some blind people don’t like the audible lights and that is okay, but if it helps a blind person with harder hearing or gives confidence to someone who struggles than I don’t see a problem with it. Myself I love them I still listen to traffic to be sure, but on a harder street to cross it gives me a boost.

Sighted people get their hands held when crossing a street and quite frankly it’s insulting any of you get hit. I have been crossing streets alone now for 10 years, and luckily nothing’s happened. You guys on most lights get a hand signal or a sign that says walk why do you need anything you guys can see the color to know when it’s safe to walk? I find it ironic that the sighted get their hands held through everything, and yet I’m still working hard for a damn talking television guide. What channel is CBS? Most of you don’t know you use your guide and navigate to it I still now my channel lineup by heart, because we don’t have the same access. I one day may post my rant I wrote at a coffee shop in 2012 after moving here it’s pretty much me just letting everything go reading it now it just makes me laugh. Haha

Street crossing is not that bad all though one thing I’ve noticed about living downtown on the weekends with one ways it may be difficult to gage the lights. Downtowns now are like ghost towns, so there isn’t much traffic. Robin is amazing, but she doesn’t know when it is safe to cross a street or she cannot see color I tell her when to go. The only thing Robin would do would be to back up if a car was pulling in front of me. A big misconception about dogs is they are in control and they just know where to go. If you have a routine that is true for example when I went to Fridays last night I didn’t have to tell Robin anything once I got on Fourth Street she just turned and walked to the door of Fridays. It’s mainly where I go. When I go somewhere new though I have to say inside, and she will look for a door. At times she will take me to a window that she thinks is a door, but after all she is a dog. It really pisses me off when people laugh about that or say she is trained poorly when she does this, but she is a dog they make mistakes.

My biggest annoyance that people say about the dog is I bet she takes care of you doesn’t she? This happened last night actually at Fridays. I want to say yes she grows thumbs and a voice and cooks my dinners, cleans, and tucks me in. Don’t get me wrong I love the companionship, but I’m the captain. Were teams Robin takes things in, and navigates me around obstacles. She doesn’t always watch for things above my head, so like this weekend I smacked in to hanging stairs, so I had to correct her, and redo. My cane wouldn’t have caught that either. It hurt, but my hat took most of the blow. I thank god a lot that I’m shorter for this reason. It sucks with women; because they like taller guys but oh well I have a winning personality.


One thought on “Crossing streets

  1. I couldn’t sleep so I decided to read this, and I want to try and close my eyes and listen to the traffic and see how well I do. My guess is I will not fair so well! Anyway I know that you think that people should just understand how you cross the street, but I found it interesting I never really thought about it even though I’ve seen you do it. Anyway good post. Thanks for coming over and making chicken noodle soup for me! Your presence made me feel better! I love you!!

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