Robins loose in the airport!

Recently I read a story that the Detroit airport has a service animal relief area in place. My Aunt posted it to fasebook a few weeks ago, and it was from a news station and they asked the public if it was a good idea or not? Really you’re going to poll viewers who’ve never owned service animals whether or not they feel having a spot where service animals can go to the bathroom is a good idea? You’re a freaking news organization why not send a reporter out find someone with a service animal and get there opinion? Why are you asking people who have nothing to do with the situation there opinion? I was not asked directly, but I’ll give you my opinion of this feature and explain why I’m in favor for it.

I swear after reading this blog The Seeing-eye will probably never give me another dog. When you’re taking long flights and your dog has to use the bathroom you have to walk outside the airport and find a spot where your dog can go. If I’m flying alone which I usually do I have to have a worker walk with me the entire way and have her use the bathroom, and then go back through security. I remember in Denver I had just gotten off a long flight from Milwaukie, and I knew Robin had to use the bathroom. The Denver airport is huge we had to take a train up to baggage. I got my bag and the guy with broken English says dog can go here. I have Robin use the bathroom before catching my bus. She ended up just peaing, and while I was waiting on my bus I heard a guy come out and spray the area where she went to the bathroom. I was kind of embarrassed, because I could have done it if he had told me. I had a similar situation in Phoenix, but there I just heard them call someone on the radio.

Coming home from Denver we got delayed by a storm in Milwaukie, so I never intended on her having to use the bathroom there, but as time went by I decided to. I met this girl named Christen or something, and she worked at the airport. She was really sweet actually and went above and beyond her duties helping me out. She offered to take Robin out, and I thought since she worked there she would just take her outside on the tarmac. This did not happen though. When she brought Robin back to me I decided then I’ll never let anyone just take her out again. She told me she took her outside the airport, and when coming back in TSA made her take off Robins collar, because it’s metal. When she did that Robin got away from her. She told me Robin ran around the security counter probably looking for me. When she brought her back to me she gave me a lot of kisses, so I’m sure she was nervous. This really upset me that TSA made her take off the collar which is against the law first off. She didn’t know so I don’t blame her, but I can’t trust a $50000 dog in someone else’s hands like that. I did file a complaint to TSA, but nothing was done. They cannot make you remove the harness or leash. They’ve tried to do both to me on several occasions. I never back down, and usually am treated to the old pat down.

Long story short I’m in complete favor of a dog relief area inside the airport, so it makes it easier for us while traveling. I love what Detroit did, and I hope it ketches on nationwide. It doesn’t seem logical to have to go all the way outside, and then come back through security.


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