All I want in a car is a good radio!

I wanted to say this before I forget, but the news will pole you guys about relief areas for my service animal, but they don’t pole me on what I’d like to see in cars. Go figure that one out. Isn’t it the same principal? I’ve been slacking on the blog lately sorry. The last two nights I’ve been pretty busy. My water didn’t come back on until yesterday. I went over to Erica’s and lived like a king. She did my laundry and cooked my dinner it was pretty nice. Chicken and noodles and mashed potatoes man was it great. I complimented her, and she just said it was from a box. To me it’s the effort that counts or the thought. For me to see someone make an effort is so beautiful. Maybe I’m weird, but I always try and say thank you and be appreciative, because I know what it’s like to not have that, so I want to protect that. I remember giving her a hug and saying thank you after dinner and it was a bit emotional for me.

Last night I decided to repay the favor and make her dinner. I try and go above and beyond all the time for some reason, so I tried to attempt to do a candle light dinner. I cooked crab legs, and a California blend. That part went over pretty well, but the candlelight idea didn’t. I only lit one candle, because I thought that would be a sufficient amount of light, but it wasn’t I needed more candles. I blew the thing out and just turned on the lights. She thought the gesture was sweet, so it’s still a win.

In college before I gained a lot of my kitchen skills I could cook two things crab legs and romaine noodles. I never had the courage to try anything else, so if you came over that’s what you got. Looking back that’s a weird combination of food. I used to joke if it was a good date you’d get crab legs, and if it was a bad one romaine.

Pilot Neil came in to town finally last night. We hung out at this restaurant called Buck heads. I love this place, because they have a speaker that can sit on your table and you can hear any of the televisions they have. Erica left us for a while, so we sat and talked about baseball, life, and women. It was good seeing him again it’s been a while. I’m looking forward to Oaks day Friday. Nothing to crazy happened, but we are planning on doing a bit of tandem biking this weekend if it stays nice.


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