Tonight I had something happen that is been a long trend of annoyance to me. I went to a store to buy beer and when I went to pay the girl said I don’t know how we can do this? She was referring to me signing a receipt or in this case touchscreen. I’ve had several delivery people from Jimmy John’s and Papa John’s say the same thing recently. It wouldn’t be a bad thing if they phrased it as a question sort of like what I did. However instead it’s phrased as more of a thought and they’re not really directly talking to me.

I took this new service tonight called Lyft. I want to give them praise, because it was actually pretty useful. I used my iPhone and scheduled a ride my driver was named Vicky. I wasn’t sure what to expect because I figured she probably had never met a blind person, but I wanted to try the service and see if it would be better than yellow cab. When she got here I told her I was blind and had a Reds hat on, and she quickly told me she saw me and pulled up. When I got in it seemed like we were longtime friends. She told me she was 55 and was a retired firefighter I told her she did not look a day over 30. She said when I called you and you asked if I would wait for you why you picked up beer I thought why would somebody need to drive them to get beer? I told her I lost my license yesterday. I also thanked her for allowing me to continue my habit. Overall it was a really great experience, and I’ll probably try it again. I enjoy the companionship rather than getting very little talk and fears of the dog. She actually saw the exchange of me and the clerk at the store and on our way out I said that’s part of the fun of my life they’ll take my money and then freak out when it comes to something small like signing. It really is amazing to see how uncomfortable people get.


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