Long day!

One thing I have not complained about a whole lot that probably deserves complaining about it is transportation for us. We have a service that you have to call within 24 hours for a ride. I called last Saturday to book my rides for the week for work. For Thursday today this is what they gave me for a 930 work time they will be picking me up at 6:45 AM to 7:15 AM and return home when I get off at 6:00 PM to be there between 625 and 705. That is ridiculous for a week out. Now I could have called during the week and try to rebook it, but I already spent a half hour on the phone Saturday making my ride and I had things come up this week where I could not do that. You know I have a service animal and 2 15 minute breaks and a half hour lunch I don’t have time to sit on the phone all day. I find it highly inefficient in today’s world that with the computer technology we have I have to play phone tag with the transportation service when I made my ride a week out. Ultimately it’s my fault and I’m just complaining but I just find the whole scheduling thing crazy. By the way I live 1 mile from work it will take me about six minutes on the bus to get there.


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