I’ll start explaining Saturday from the beginning.

Saturday started off with Josh and I going to the slugger Museum for a tour. That was pretty cool I’ve done it before but it was probably about 10 years ago. After that we went to a restaurant where they have darts and we threw them around for a while. He was a lot better than me although I did get one bull’s-eye one time. Also the bigger success no one lost an eye. So we went to two places as I told you I was going to keep a Travelers log. They pick us up at 8:30 from my house and to get to Louisville slugger we cannot make it there until 10:45 AM. From my house to Louisville slugger it is roughly 7 miles. We picked up three people and drop them off at their designated spot before we went to ours. We walked over to where we were going to eat lunch, because it was so close. That was one trip so you have to factor in other things as well. I’m a little off my game writing right now I’ll explain at the end of this post.

After we play darts Josh’s parents met us and he left. He had such a good time! Friday night we play guitar for a while, and he is pretty good. I’m proud of how well he is doing. I decided to call my friend Erica and see what she was doing so I met her at her work. She works where my ex-girlfriend does so rather than go inside I decided to stay in her car and listen to her XM radio. I like to push a lot of buttons, and I noticed my butt getting a lot warmer. I couldn’t figure out what button I hit to turn on the dumb seat warmer, so I had to call her and she walked me through where the button was on the dash. Really to put the button on the dash and not the seat? My butt was pretty toasty all evening long though.

We went to dinner at Buca di Beppo which is one of my favorite places. I don’t get to go very often because it’s family-style and usually I’m alone so it’s pretty awkward to go in to a place like that. We decided what we wanted and then ordered it was a great meal. After that I originally thought we were going to a bonfire, but she had something up her sleeve. Last week I had mentioned a hot air balloon ride to her as something I would like to do, because while I can’t see up in the air I just wanted the experience. We took Robin home, and we then went on a little hot air balloon ride. It was very sweet. After that we drove out to a pond near my apartment, and I played two songs on the acoustic guitar. She’s been wanting me to play for her so I learned drink a beer by Luke Brian, and Aaron Lewis forever recently. We talked for about a half hour or so, and then she brought me home.

What I found inside my house was very disturbing. I had fed Robin and put her in her cage. The second I walked in I could tell something was wrong, by the smell. It’s hard for me to describe but dogs have an odor, and when they get sick they’re oder changes. I open the cage and there was puke all over the inside. I took her outside and she pooped as well. She came back in and drink a little water and puked a little more. I decided to take her to the vet, but Erica was gone so my only option was to take a cab. The guy who picked us up was foreign which you never know what you’re going to get with the cabdrivers. I’m not being racist but the middle eastern cabdrivers and sometimes some of the south African cabdrivers will not pick us up due to their religion and dogs. They view dogs as being dirty so they will refuse to pick us up. Real un-American, but the news media won’t touch it surprise surprise. Once in a great while something will pop up but it’s in a local paper. I will post links of these things from time to time just so you will understand I’m telling you 100% the truth. Robin is usually pulling me, but walking to the cab she was struggling to stay up. I decided to carry her, because I wanted to make things as easy for her as I could. When I was putting her in the cab on the seat the cabdriver said she must go on the floor. I told him sorry she is sick not feeling well I will give you extra fair for this. He said if dog sick I can’t take you. I climbed inside, and said well if you don’t take me then drive me to the police station and we can hash it out there. I just wanted to get Robin to the hospital I didn’t have time to fucking argue about whether or not he wanted to take me. When we got to the animal hospital I again carried Robin inside. The vet decided to keep her overnight because he said she had some sort of dehydration and a virus he thought. He told me to call today and figure out if she could come home yet. I really hope so, because I haven’t slept well and I’m worried. That was my evening in a nutshell.


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