My first grilling experience went well

Last night I used a grill for the first time. I was always kind of scared to try, because of all the heat. I faced the same kind of fear with the oven like oh my gosh there’s an inferno it’s going to burn me. I conquered that fear pretty early with the oven so last night I decided to try and grill dinner at Erica’s house last night. I made hamburgers and they turned out well! My friend Jake put it best on Facebook a grill it’s kind of like a huge Fryingpan. Once you kind of understand how the heat works it’s just like pretty much grilling on the George Foreman. I was still able to touch the meet with my hand and be okay or use a fork to test where I felt the meet was. Given the texture you can usually tell how well done something is. It takes a few times maybe to get it right but I’ve grilled enough on my foreman to know when medium Wellis. Well Erica ,her Papaw, and I ate every bite so I guess it turned out well.


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