Blind games and etc.

A lot of times at the office games are played with my blindness. Not games like we moved the furniture, but picking the right candy from the dish. The furniture thing is pretty much a myth, but I still laugh at the idea. I guess some blind people it might bother, but usually I will look before I sit. Anyway there is a candy bowl that has a bunch of different flavors, so I liked the green ones. When I would pick a green one Jenny would say ding ding. If I didn’t get a green one I would get a buzz. This game then transformed in to a lot better games. We have the how tall am I game which I would guess someone’s height, how old am I am what color is that.

One of my favorite days is Leslie had these shoes that she thought were purple, but in all actuality they’re 100% navy. Jenny asked me without giving me any heads up what color I thought Leslie’s shoes were? She did give me choices, but I said navy. That made the score 3-1 Leslie being 1. I’m sorry Leslie I know you’re reading this but your shoes are navy.

I’ve always created little games. The next story is inspired by the movie Ray. He could feel a girl’s wrist and tell if they were fat or not. I took this one step further in college, and I could tell the size of women’s breasts. I didn’t bat 1000, but I was pretty good. Some of my Facebook friends can probably vouch for my abilities. I pitched the idea to Clear Channel, but after the FCC crackdown they didn’t like it at all.

This really isn’t about games, but being blind I think one of the hardest things is picturing people. I honestly can tell most of the time if someone is fat, skinny or etc. When I was a teenager I had a hard time with understanding what a woman looked like. I would try to imagine, but I had nothing to prepare me for the real thing. We don’t have braille Playboy or wax statues. I will say these women are amazing. From my experience no woman feels exactly the same. Curves and body type are just so different. I haven’t seen tons of women I don’t just walk up to someone and ask to see them so usually it’s in a romantic situation. Probably most times when I picture someone it’s off a loose model of them. I remember last summer Lexi and I went to a horse race after dark thing, and we got all dressed up. I remember she let me see her dress, hair, and stuff. It was the first time I’ve ever seen a woman dressed up like that. It really took my breath away. All that work to go out with me? I wanted to go deeper than that, but I got lost there. I miss seeing people or I wish I could not for a perverted reason all though maybe haha, but for what I’ve seen I know I’d enjoy looking in to someone’s eyes or face. I will wrap this up for now I have to get my haircut before going out tonight, but I will write more this weekend.


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