Office pranks

I really have enjoyed my last 3 years at Humana. I’ve met some incredible people along the way. I like to play jokes on a lot of them when I get the opportunity to do so. In the mornings I would always get to work early, because of transportation. When we were working downtown I’d catch a bus that would get me in about a half hour early every day, just because I don’t like to be late. Now I have to take a door to door service since we aren’t downtown anymore which can get me there like over an hour early some days.

Michele started putting water for Robin in her office, so I’d stop in every day so Robin could get a drink. One day she made a remark about how people’s eyes are always on her, so I went home and found a pair of my old eyes I had and brought them in and put them on her desk. I just wanted to feed in to her ego by enforcing that there are eyes always watching her just like she said. She came and got me, and made me remove them. It was worth it. Don’t ask me why I keep them around either I guess it’s hard to toss away something that costs $3000.

One morning my friend Mat and I came in and said we had played cards over the weekend. Michele asked how you know what card you have. She then said the thing I still tease her about, because it’s funny to me. She asked do you have talking cards. I immediately took my hand and put it over my mouth and said 7 of clubs. Could you imagine? You couldn’t cheat that way. I did say talking cards would be a brilliant idea for when I drop one it could say things like I’m under your shoe or your sitting on me move fatty. After I joked about this for about 25 minutes I finally said we have braille cards that we can use. They look like normal cards, but they have braille on the corner.

I don’t mind questions like those at all; because she didn’t have any idea how blind people would play cards. You never know until you ask. Don’t worry I know this has seemed one sided, but she gets her pranks in as well. She jokingly threatened to take my dog in a crowded elevator, and she told me the looks she got were awful. Haha

With transportation you just never know when you’re going to get to work. As I said I could get here 10 minutes before my shift or an hour early. I appreciate being able to stop in and talk or joke around with Michele. This leads me to my final story for now. One day my parents dropped me off before they left town, and I had McDonalds. I called Michele to come down and help me carry in drinks. She said my parents looked at her funny. I said it was probably because you’re Asian and they were concerned for Robin’s safety. Later I did ask my mom about it, and they said they were surprised on how pretty she looks. See I brought this back around full circle the eyes are always on Michele. I should be a writer. haha


One thought on “Office pranks

  1. Joe, I love the funny stories. We always have a good laugh at each other’s expense. It has been an awesome experience to know someone like you, not because your blind but because you are an awesome person. Some of those stories are funnier when we tell them in person. I know there are a ton more stories to tell. Can’t wait to read more.

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