Yesterday was thunder over Louisville a big firework and air show that kicks off the Kentucky Derby. One question a friend of mine asked me while watching the fireworks is do I get much out of fireworks? I love the sound they make. I like the whistling ones, sparkly ones, and of course the loud ones. Even though I can’t see the color or shapes I just love listening to the noise they make. It’s definitely not the same enjoyment that you would get, but I still love it. Thunder is special and away as well, because if you’re close enough it really affects your whole body. The fireworks are going off so quickly that your whole body feels it. I just thought I would share this experience with you. I don’t know if I had someone who described the fireworks as they were going off it would mean more, but once in a while yesterday someone would describe one and I thought it was cool it may get annoying during the whole show if they kept doing that. Description is nice, but obviously what can you say after every firework?


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