Robin does not make for a good stuffed animal.

Last night I went out to the Louisville bats game again but this time with my old program director Jack and his son Jackson. Jack left the station about a year and a half ago and went to Tampa Bay to work in a bigger market. Jackson would be at the radio station and would watch me record different things and he’d say I want to do that someday! He now wants to be a sports broadcaster, and at the game he’ll do some announcing for me. After the game Jackson wanted to catch a West Coast major-league game so we came back and put on my major-league baseball television. He fell asleep on Robin’s pillow using her as a stuffed animal. About 545 I woke up to a wailing kid. He was upset that Robin had moved in the middle of the night, so I tried explaining free will that did not go over so well. I quickly dropped that and decided to go with Robin was just garding the house he bought that more. Since I was already up I decided to make scrambled eggs and toast for everyone before they left. I enjoy seeing them when we can get together.


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