Your dog will poop in my store!

Today after I got home from the Greyhound station I decided to walk and get a Mountain Dew. It’s getting nice outside so I decided to GPS and use my maps and trying to figure out if I can get to a store near my place. I made it to a Thorton’s a gas station near my house. I’d say it’s probably about a mile to a mile and a half away. Anyway I walked into get my Mountain Dew and the worker said Sir sir you’re going to have to get your dog out it can’t be in here.

I explained to him that she was a service animal and she could be in his store. He said no no dogs allowed. I said why can’t she being here after explaining to you the laws? His response she will poop in my store. I told him all I wanted was a Mountain Dew and she had poop before we left so I know she’s not going to poop in your store. Finally he said I will get you a Mountain Dew just standby the counter. Another person had came in and witnessed what was going on and said that the dog could be there as well.


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