Reflecting on living in the projects

I love where I used to live until I got mugged then things changed a little. The stories from that place are so funny and unbelievable sometimes to me. I lived pretty much in the projects, but for the most part I felt safe. One weekend when my parents came up my mom took an empty jar outside to throw away. She tossed it in the dumpster and hit a man in the head. He jumped out and ran away. I think she nearly pissed her pants.

Another story from that area is when they put up a porta potty for construction they were doing around the street. I was walking my friend out to the bus stop because it was late and she didn’t want to go by herself understandably. I walk by the Porta potty and a man comes out around midnight and says you may not want to go in there right now. I just quickly said thank you sir for the warning. In my mind I was thinking don’t worry I won’t.

One Halloween my friends and I were getting ready to go out to eat when a man approached us trying to sell my friend one woman’s boot. Now I’m not sure if she lost a leg or maybe he only had time to take one I really don’t know. He was persistent I will say that. The other thing I observed with Robin was there is always trash falling on the sidewalks like parts of food. I had to watch her all the time so she wouldn’t try and pick something up as a scavenger. There was a chicken restaurant and people would drop bones all over which was very dangerous.

On the corner where I would catch the bus was a homeless shelter where guys would stand outside every morning. My parents hated that when I first moved here, but truthfully looking back at everything this is the coolest experience of the neighborhood. The guys were always polite a lot of them were obviously mentally unstable. Some guys would call me Solomon which I believe is a blind person in the Bible but I could be wrong on that. Another guy John used to call me and my friend Matt braille engineers. I like the title it made me feel smarter than I probably am. For the three years I lived there it was pretty much the same group of people. They got to know you and actually watch out for you. That was probably the least scariest part of that area.

One day I felt so guilty because I was throwing away Robin’s poop and there was a man about 18 digging through the trash. I’m guessing on his age his voice sounded pretty young. I went inside and sat down and on the table I had two pair of Bose headphones. I felt so guilty because one I just bought and didn’t really need. I returned them the next day and donated some money to the shelter. I felt like such an asshole sitting in a nice warm house while another person is outside shoveling through the shit I just dumped in there. It’s easy to not think about people less fortunate when they’re not right in your area, but when someone is digging through your trash or collecting cans outside your door it’s a lot less easy to ignore. After seeing that guy that day and returning my headphones because I only have one pair of years it really made me reflect on what is important in life and how things have fallen in place. I’ve also worked really hard, but some of it has been luck. There are people unemployed way more talented and have a lot more to offer than me.

I’m almost to Cincinnati I’m doing a radio show in the morning writing jokes. I just wanted to comment and share a few stories from my old neighborhood. One thing I will say is whenever I did business around where I live people were really accommodating for the most part. A lot of people in that area were scared of dogs so when I would walk into a store people would either jump or scream but they would move out of my way and I would be able to get my things and leave quickly. I didn’t have any big name stores near me but I could get the two main ingredients chicken and beer so life was pretty good.


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