Welkom to the neighborhood

I just had moved in to my new apartment, so I am trying to set a good example of myself. One Tuesday morning I get up take Robin out, and feed her and get ready for work. I am using the bathroom when I hear the worst sound in the world. The stomach of a dog about to puke. Of course she isn’t on my hard wood floor in the living room she’s in my bedroom. I pull up my pants kick on flip-flops and get her outside. Now at this point my fly is open my belt is hanging off my pants, and I am not prepared for what Robin does next. She instead of puking she poops, and of course I have no bag. People are passing me at this point I’m sure looking in disgust.

I can’t just leave the poop by the walk, so I go in and get my new poop finder my cane. I touch the ground with the tip until I feel something below it, and get it with a baggy. Basically the next 3 minutes is just me like poking around with a cane looking for poop meanwhile people are walking by. I finally find the poop that event over. However now I have to go back inside and attend to Robins present she left in my room. I clean that up and with about 5 minutes to spare get finished dressing and catch my bus to work. Having a Robin is just like having a kid. Let me tell you that sound a dog makes before puking is like an alarm going off danger danger alert alert.


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