The time a group of girls saw me naked.

I remember taking a shower late one Friday night in college! One thing I loved about the dorm was you had an endless supply of hot water. The thing I hated were pranks that were often played. One night I remember hearing someone outside the curtain. They laughed, and I didn’t think a whole lot of it. I turned off the shower and stepped out to find my clothes missing. I decided I’ll just get back in the shower and wait. I then heard girls giggling and they kept hitting the curtain with objects. I guess finally they got bored with me not responding so they ripped open the curtain and gasped. The response was oh you’re not whoever their friend was. They felt really bad! So much that they brought me breakfast the next day. This may have been back in my Howard Stern days so just maybe I may remember telling them since you saw me I should at least get to see you. It may have been Pity or maybe it just made sense to them but I really don’t care. Haha I was used to guys playing jokes but that was the first experience I had being naked in front of a group of girls. It’s funny after riding the subject I realize in this instance they probably wish they were blind. Haha


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