Sports are getting out-of-control

If you haven’t heard anything about the Daniel Murphy situation check below for a link. To summarize the issue New York sports radio is bashing Murphy a second baseman for the New York Mets, because he took maternity leave to be with his wife. Now I’ve never had a child, but if I did or when I do you better believe no matter my profession I’d be by her side. Carton and Boomer are completely in the wrong on this issue there are more important things besides baseball. They bring up things like his job will put the kid through school, but that isn’t Daniel Murphy’s fault rather Americas fault for allowing sports contracts to be so huge. Here is my question when did sports get so far out of control? I watch for the entertainment factor. I’ve never gotten so worked up about something that I set anything on fire or looted the streets. Daniel Murphy made a moral decision to be with his wife in life’s greatest moment bringing another life in to the world and everything else is irrelevant. These same idiots would be the same people to jump up and say the problem with American families is that they’re not families anymore. Last year Murphy played in 160 out of 162 games for a losing ball club with no immediate future of being good. I support his decision, and hope and pray sports shows will someday actually be entertaining, and talk about things that actually matter.

My other complaint is why aren’t women’s sports viewed on the same level as men’s? I’ve watched women’s college basketball for the past 5 or 6 years, and I love the quality of the product. The crazy thing is I spoke to Tameka Catchings, and she only makes around $40000 per year. She said she plays overseas, and makes a bit more money than that. You take her male counterpart, and they’re making millions. I know people will comment about it’s all about revenue, but something doesn’t seem quite right with me about that. Skylar has been a huge ambassador for the game, and when I got an opportunity to hang with her in New Orleans last year that was pretty cool. Being in Louisville I’ve gotten to see a lot of Shoni Schimmel’s career as well, and she is amazing. I know I’m in the minority on this, but I feel the women get completely disrespected and I’m tired of the double speak we have when it comes to equality. They’re playing the same sport using the same athletic abilities, but yet the pay isn’t even in the same universe.boomer and Carton


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