Bowling pins fear me.

When I was 12 or 13 I attended a sports camp. The camp was put on by a man named Paul Ponchilla. I’m sorry if I spelled his name wrong. He was the first person I knew with a guide dog, but he’d put on these camps where he’d demonstrate to coaches at public schools that a blind athlete can perform the same as a sighted athlete. Some athletes were told by the track coach they cannot perform at their public schools Paul wanted to prove them wrong. I remember some of the high jumpers would go real high. I loved trying new sports like high jump, or discus. I will tell my art camp stories later.

I remember it my first bowling experience it happened at sports camp. I had gone bowling before, but with bumpers. I walked up and got my bowling stance. Apparently my bowling stance was a little crooked, because I released the ball and it jumped over the gutter in to the next lane. I did knock some pins down isn’t that the point? I was so good other lanes pins feared me! After apologizing a little to the guys next to us I resumed my game where I scored like 55 or something. I’m pretty good now, but I still get some butterflies in the stomach before bowling, because I don’t ever want to repeat that. I’m probably the worst representation of a blind athlete.


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