Boxing is not for me!

I wanted to find something that would be good for cardio, so I started using a punching bag. I then met a wounded warrior while out at an event, and he talked me in to boxing. I show up at the gym and we sparred the first night. I actually liked it, because it gave me a pretty good workout. The next night or so we actually had a boxing match. He blind folded himself so we were on equal ground. Then we stayed in contact, and I got hit pretty hard in the chest. I fell down, and got back up. It didn’t knock me out just I lost my breath for a second. I felt like I was in the old Greek fight to the death matches. I lasted another round, and then I gave up. I hurt pretty bad after that, and decided boxing wasn’t for me. I’ll stick to jumping jacks, lunges, and squats.

Being blind running can be a bit of a pain. Sure I can run on a treadmill, but that’s pretty boring. If I want to run with someone I can take there elbow and run, but its not the same as being free. On spring break one year we went to Florida, and I remember drinking some 151, and then going out and running on the beach. No one was around really, and it was so rewarding being able to run and not worry about hitting anything. I could get that feeling in my back yard at home, but the thought of just being able to run outside without hanging on to someone was pretty cool.


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