The bathroom

This is kind of dumb I guess in a way, but it’s something I find amazing about Robin and how she works. I don’t think people fully understand what a guide dog does for us. They aren’t Superman either. I do feel having Robin will probably be the most sighted I’ll ever feel. Besides doing all the normal guide dog things today I observed something that amazed the hell out of me. When I go to the stall at work to use the bathroom either I’ll take Robin in to the handicapped one with me, but if it is occupied I will put her under the sink. I’ve been doing this for about 2 weeks. She now today started to either go right to the handicapped stall or she will walk over and lay under the sink signaling to me it’s busy. I understand how she could associate these things, but I find it pretty remarkable that now she just looks it and knows which option to choose. If I use the urinal she just stands behind me in case you wanted to know. Anyway not a lengthy post, but I just find the little things dogs pick up on remarkable.


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