A little about my weekend

My friend Denny came in to town, so rather than blog I wanted to spend time with him. We don’t get to see each other hardly at all once every year or so. I met him while attending Ball State, and since then we spend a lot of time talking about baseball, politics, and radio on the phone. If I can’t sleep or if I just happen to be awake I can always count on him to be up usually at 4 in the morning.

As you can tell from the blind photography post from Saturday we went to the Louisville Bats Cincinnati Reds game. It was way colder than either one of us thought. We both started watching the weather about 2 weeks out, at one time I saw Sunny and 70. It ended up being rain and 45 at game time. I met the ticket manager of the Bats who was a real nice guy who moved us underneath some boxed seats. When we got there they had standing water underneath our original seats. I felt bad for Robin, because she laid in it for about 30 minutes. Once we moved around the third inning she stood up and shook against my knee. I didn’t know what I should do for her, because going inside really wasn’t an option. I gave her my coat and rapped it all around her. When I put it against her neck she gave me a kiss on the hand. She snuggled up to my legs as well providing some more warmth. When we got home she seemed okay, but I was worried she’d get sick.

That night we watched the NCAA tournament, and I fell asleep. Being out in the cold it took a few hours for my body to warm back up. I woke up around 11, and Denny and I held our traditional 2014 MLB picks. We rank the MLB from top to bottom explaining why we chose a team to finish.

This morning I took Denny back to the bus station, so he can get home to his wife and daughter. I guess they’d like to have him back. Denny is blind and has a hard time hearing out of one ear. I mention this, because he talked about when he received his first hearing aide how amazing it was to hear birds and things I take for granted daily. We’ve known each other about 6 years, and since I’ve known him I realize how quickly life moves. I would go to his house and we’d watch a game. His daughter Rachael would want to play dolls with me, so I’d make believe with her. Now she is going to be 11 this year, and I can’t believe how time has gone so fast. Pretty soon I’ll be sitting with him on his porch polishing my fire arm while she’s on a date.


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