A Christmas I

So today I Will tell you a funny Christmas story about how I all most lost my eye. It was Christmas Eve and I couldn’t sleep I was anticipating waking up Christmas morning. I remember listening to the radio being bored. I took out my eye and started playing a game of ketch. Everything was great for about five minutes until I miss judged my eye, and it bounced off my hand and I hear it hit the register that goes to the basement. I looked around for it, and couldn’t find it. My eyes cost 5 grand a set, and I was scared I’d get yelled at.

I woke my dad and advised him of the situation. My brother and dad went to the basement and tore apart the furnace. At this point it is 1:00 A.M… They came up from the basement frantic, because my eye wasn’t anywhere to be found. My mom went upstairs at this point and found my eye 1 foot to the left of the register. Christmas was saved. My brother said he would bet we were the only family up searching for an eye on Christmas morning.


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