I never want my blindness to limit what I do. If I ever say out loud I am not going to try something, because I’m blind then I’ve failed somewhere. When I was younger in elementary no one really saw me as blind. I pretty much played alongside everyone else. Kickball, basketball, dodge ball, and football.

I remember playing football in the second or third grade I was out on defense trying to intercept the ball when my mouth collided with the back of someone’s head. I started bleeding and had to go to the nurse. A lot of times I would be the center, but I loved running around trying to make a play.

Recently on Thanksgiving I went to my friend Neil’s house. When I moved to Kentucky holidays have been pretty lonely. I usually have to work the day after a holiday, so I can’t go home. The last two Christmas’s I’ve been alone. After dinner we decided to play football, and I ended up being the running back. After Neil would give me the ball he’d tell me what direction to run, before getting tackled. It worked out for most of the game, until the end where he got his directions messed up. He told me to go left when I should have went right, and I fell head first over a bush. I hit my shoulder pretty hard on the ground, but I held on to the ball for a touchdown. For a pilot it’s pretty serious to be bad with directions. Even though it hurt a bit I love getting out and running there is some sort of freedom about it.


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