For the first time I’m starting to see Robins age.

Obviously this week is a little different. I flew to Phoenix, slept little, and have done a lot of activities. Yesterday was no different. I woke up at 4 o’clock to watch the Dodgers Diamondbacks season opener, and stayed awake all day. I met Ethan and Whitney downtown and we did a bourbon tasting and saw Donnie Baker from the Bob and Tom show. We didn’t get back to my apartment until around 1030. Robin ate dinner I left her here while we went to Chili’s. When I came home she was more lethargic than normal. Obviously I know she can’t live forever, but at the same time I’ve been teamed with her longer than most relationships in my life, so it is a strange feeling. Obviously if I get my new job will be doing a lot of traveling, and well when she was younger she would’ve loved this I’m not sure how things will go now. Maybe I’m just overthinking things, but tonight was the first time I’ve seen her just have no energy.

I hope you like my pictures. That is a little art I will be sharing with you! I call it blind photography.


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