The worst driving experiences I’ve ever had.

I have driven a few times in my life. This experience is funny but the worst of them. I was 12 and I was driving my brother’s four wheeler. I guess I thought I knew my yard because I wrote my bicycle around it all the time. My brother was also riding but he went somewhere else and was not where he could see me. So I kept doing what I thought were circles. Well I guess my circle got bigger or maybe they weren’t circles at all. What happened next I couldn’t believe. I’m riding along and all of a sudden this park truck got in my way. The truck belong to my neighbor Brad.

I got off the four wheeler and pushed it away from the truck, and wouldn’t you know about that time my brother came around the corner. What does that little snitch do? He went and told my mom. I remember being so nervous because I didn’t know what would happen. My mom came and got me and apologize to Brad. I’m shaking and crying because I don’t know how much damage I did. Brad just laughed I didn’t even scratch it. The crazy thing is I missed a bush and satellite dish and got his truck. That was my only accident.

One time when I was 15 we went to a goat cart racing track. It was me and my friend Lauren. I know that is not proper English, but I’m tired and I don’t feel like fixing it. This is not a book after all. I also grew up in Indiana so yeah. Anyway we didnot tell the people taking tickets I was blind, because they had a sign that said no bumping the carts. Lauren planned it out perfectly except one thing I’ll get to that in a second. When we got up to get in the cart he told me where to walk so I could do it myself. I did not have a cane just me walking. I get in the cart and the plan was Lauren was going to drive alongside me and give me verbal direction. This however did not work once the light shined green. I thought to myself Joe you have to options. You can sit here, or you can drive. I drove! The next five or 10 minutes was kind of pandemonium. Lauren would come around and give me some guidance as he’s racing bye. Finally at the end I got stuck in the wall. A guy came and push me out and he just says are you blind? My response was actually yes IM. If I hadn’t said anything they still would not have known.


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