A few stories from my trip

I had planned on blogging more, but time really hasn’t been plentiful. I at least wanted to fill you in on what has been going on so far. Yesterday I went in for my interview, and I feel it went well. I then got ready to go on TV. Jan applied makeup for me so I could be pretty. Seriously lol I’ve never had anyone pay so much attention to my face. while she was brushing my face all I could think about was fuck I’m glad I’m not a blind woman.

I went on, and feel I did well. I was quick with all my responses, and I was able to be funny. I think I relaxed after the first question listening to it back I sounded a bit shaky. I haven’t heard if I will get the job, but I did my best.

After the show, I went to the Cubs game. The new Cubs park was beautiful, but I missed the older park. After the game I took the train to downtown, and I got off at the wrong stop. Nothing on my gps sounded familiar. I started to panic, but I used Apples map app, and was able to figure out where I was. Three people walked by and when I said hello they didn’t say anything in return. That’s one thing I love about Louisville or the Midwest people are pretty helpful. I eventually made it to the San Francisco San Diego game.

At the ballpark a kid sitting next to me asked if he could pet Robin? I let him, and I asked him some baseball questions. he amazed me, because he knew five of the nine Padre’s. I could only name one. His mom and I started talking as well, and she told me his dad left when he was two. I fell in love with him, because he was a sharp kid. I took him and bought him a hotdog, and he loved watching Robin work. I sent an email to a friend of mine who works with the Tigers, and within 20 minutes we were sitting in the Padrey’s dug out. He was so happy, it was worth it. After the game his mom offered to drive me home which was cool, because a cab would have cost a fortune from the ball park. They came up to my room, and I took him on a helicopter ride. I think I could be a good dad after all. After a few minutes of talking I said good-bye and they left. Nate was crying when they left, but I enjoyed their company.

I really had a good time out here. I’ll know Tuesday if I get the job or not. It would be a dream come true, and all the work would pay off. I hope my flight home is better than coming. I sat next to this guy who smelled like bad sausage. He kept putting his grubby hands between my legs trying to pet Robin. That’s something I could never do just reach between another grown mans legs to pet a dog. At least ask please. I had my headphones on and I felt the back of his hand bump my knee cap. Tomorrow my friends Ethan and Whitney are coming down for Ethan’s birthday. I think on Sunday I’ll share some funny stories from my college days.

Here is one to hold you over. Ethan took me to my first Packers game they were playing the Colts. We drove to Milwaukee and spent the night. In the parking-lot was a steak place similar to a Texas roadhouse. The waiter was pretty annoying, because we just wanted to have a few beers, and go to bed. He kept telling us about where we could find bars with Marquette girls. We drove to the location he gave it and it was a loading-dock.We drove back to the steak place and kept drinking. It was real creepy in there. We decided to leave and go to Houlihan’s which was across the street. I’m not sure if that is spelled correctly but that is what dictation gave me so I will go with that. I remember there was some sort of wedding going on. Anyway I had my cane so I sat down at the bar with it folded. This lady asked me why did I bring my drumsticks to the bar? I advised her that I was blind and it was a cane. She then responded you’re not blind no way? To prove her wrong I popped my eye out and that shut her up. Drumsticks? Why would anybody walk around with drumsticks? Look at me I have drumsticks but no drums Milwaukee sucks. On Sunday I’ll talk about how we all went to Florida for spring break one year or my getting drunk on carb day at the Indianapolis 500. I have to catch my flight!


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