I’m nervous can’t sleep

Whenever I begin to travel I get a little nervous or at least high anxiety. I woke up around three and have been checking off everything to make sure my trip is smooth. I have my bus ride from the airport, and I know what streets the train stops at four Thursdays interview. As I said earlier when going somewhere new I feel like Louis and Clark. Robin has no idea were leaving she was really calm last night which is good because I want her eating in on a normal schedule for the plane ride. The pressure inside of me is building because it’s the first time I will be doing television. I’ve studied diamondback lineups pitching rotation and anything else I feel to be relevant. I hope I’m ready. I’m excited because I’m going to a game Thursday night! Nine dollars for my ticket you can’t beat that. I was originally going to do some comedy, but I’m only staying out there one day. Fox Sports bought my airplane ticket so I will not argue with that.


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