A lesson learned 10 years later

I remember getting an assignment in college in a telecommunications class which required me to draw the wheel of communication, or something like that. After the class I approached the professor Nancy Carlson, and asked her if I could describe each branch of communication or something different since I couldn’t draw. She said no that my assignment was to draw the wheel, and there was going to be no exceptions. I think for the next 4 years I never forgot that, and I’d get angry, because I never really understood what or why she was making me find a friend to draw the wheel? What was I gaining out of getting someone to draw a dumb circle on paper for me? I think I finally understand 10 years later.

In life we’re not going to understand or do everything that may be asked of us. For example I’ve never seen color. I couldn’t tell you the color of things I use on a daily basis, but when I converse with sighted people color is something often spoke about. I have never seen green or blue, but I still use them as if I do. I think Nancy’s lesson for me in that assignment was there will be tasks asked of you that cannot be done easily, but think outside the box and just get it done. Maybe it was the world is a tough place, and I want to prepare you for someone not changing the end result. I thought of this story this morning while I was getting ready, and smiled. I probably cursed her out a lot in college for basically me going to my friends Collin and Brad asking them to draw a circle for me, but now I wish I could thank her for teaching me this lesson. Even though I didn’t really gain anything from the assignment it taught me a life lesson, so I guess that was worth $4000. I don’t know if she will read this, but I have found this lesson vary valuable working in radio, and just life in general so again thank you.


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