No more cash! No more

I’m tired of cash, and I’m tired of credit cards. Let’s get to the NFC payment system already. The argument in the beginning was that NFC payments were not secure enough, but are credit cards? Target proved they’re not, and it happens at more businesses than just Target. I’m in favor of the NFC all the way, and let’s get rid of cash. Seriously how much would we save by not having to make paper money? I’m guessing enough.

The National Federation of the Blind in the 1990’s fought for accessible money, and then changed their stance in the 2000’s probably because they were paid off to keep quiet. Now of days the American Council for the blind is fighting for accessible money, but I don’t think it will ever come. There is always an excuse it would cost too much or blab la bla. Here is an easy answer screw paper money for all, and let’s get with the times. Quite frankly a lot of things are made about Bit coin but I believe that is only because the banks and government do not have any hands involved at this time.

The fact that America trails behind other countries in making their money accessible appalls me. I got in a heated debate against a sighted person once my dad about why they shouldn’t change the size of bills. His argument was they might fall out of your wallet easier. My argument is I should blindfold you and let you get ripped off by a taxi cab driver. I do have a bill identifier on my IPhone, but I’ve always have found them inconvenient. The reason being if I give the cashier money, and they give me back change I am not going to stand there and hold each bill up to the phone. It’s just not practical. Often times I don’t know I’ve been short changed until later. The most I’ve lost is 30 to a pizza guy. I called in to report it after he left, but they said since it was cash they have no way of tracing it back to me.


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