If I wasn’t playing basketball as a kid I was pretending to be a DJ. One of my favorite things when I was little was a Fisher Price tape player with a microphone. I would go through around 4 players per year. My parents started me with tapes, because they thought I’d be too hard on cd. Everywhere I’d go I’d take my tape player along and provide the radio. I bet I was pretty annoying as a kid. Every Christmas all I wanted was the newest country tape.

We had a van where I could sit on the floor in the back, and I’d sit back there and be the radio for the van. I was in 4-H so on weekends we’d go as a family to a lamb show, and I would get so bored, so I’d pretend I was doing a radio show that millions could hear. I loved this toy, and it allowed me to practice timing with talking and going in to a song.

I had a portable radio I’d tune in to stations out of Fort Wayne a lot. At night I would scan the AM dial and find shows from all over the country. I thought it was amazing to tune in to Pittsburg and hear local news, and talking points. That is an art today that is unfortunately lost. Yes AM still exists, but every city pretty much has the same shows. I could predictively tell you the shows you’d hear on AM which is sad.

My love from sports came from the radio at first. I remember tuning in to Monday night football with play by play man Howard David. A lot of times my parents would wake me up in the night fighting and I could tune in to the game and get back to sleep. Radio at times would be my escape from the things I heard. Howard is a great play by play man I loved Matt Millan’s analysis as well.

Growing up I never had a television in my room, because it was too expensive, but I did have a radio. I’ll take that back I did get a TV with a bad picture when I was 16, but the lack of picture never mattered to me one positive to being blind. I learned how to be a fast thinker listening to radio, and if my family was in a bad mood I’d use my humor to try and dissolve the tension. If it worked I felt great if it failed I viewed it as a bad show.

I remember being 16 and my parents got in to a fight. My mom and I left are house, and I took a change of clothes and what else a radio. We went to my Uncle and Aunts house. I woke up in the middle of the night, and really wanted some water. I didn’t know where they kept there glasses, so I went to the kitchen and finally found a glass. I then sat in the living room and tuned in to George Sedano on Fox Sports Radio. At the time I wasn’t sure what tomorrow would bring, but hearing his voice comforted me, and I remember thinking no matter what things will be okay. That night inspired me to want to do radio, and be there for someone else who might be going through something similar. I was able to tell Sedano thank you when I went to Miami, and I’ll never forget that.

Old time radio is something I enjoy a lot as well. It started in college I found this radio show from 1940 that I quickly grew addicted to call Superman. I never watched much superhero stuff growing up, because I think it was mainly visual. Besides the Power Rangers I loved the pink one. Anyway hearing the dramatization of Superman on radio was amazing, and made me love the superhero. I actually wrote a paper in college on how Superman influenced America during the war. Some soldiers would listen to it on Arm Forces radio, and would swear someone would protect them from bullets. Superman also believe it or not raged wars against the KKK. Kellogg’s threatened to stop sponsoring Superman if they didn’t layoff, but they ignored it and kept pressing on. They never did pull the advertising either. I’ve listened to 8 cd’s worth of episodes from the radio show which ran in 15 minute daily parts. In my opinion the best Superman was Bud Collyer hands down.

I’ve been working on a book, and was just going to paste my chapter on radio in here, but I decided to write something fresh. Eventually I will post some chapters up that I’ve written for critiquing, so be patient with me. I was mentioning how my parents never let me get cd’s when I was a kid, because I might scratch them. When I was 14 I got my first cd player, and had great success with cd’s, so they were completely wrong there. When I was 5 or 6 I probably would have been hard on cd’s. I’m glad however everything now of days is just on my IPhone, that is one thing this generation will never have to deal with is lugging around a case of cd’s, or deciding what you want.


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