Last day at Clear Channel


This morning was my last day working at Clear Channel radio? It feels somewhat bittersweet. I decided to leave, because my pay wasn’t increasing, and I was putting in a lot of hours for no gain in the company. To give you an idea of my schedule the last 2 years my days would go something like this.

I would go to my full time job which is 930-6. I’d go home and sleep from 7-12 or so. I’d wake up at 12:30 or 1:00 A.M. and go to Clear Channel. For a good year I didn’t really mind, because I was doing what I loved. After that I kept going to Clear Channel asking for full time work, and they kept putting me off. Finally recently I just had it with everything and all of the empty promises. I worked alongside the I heart radio tech team to make the IPhone application more accessible to the blind, and when they’d release the version to the public it wouldn’t read correctly, or none of the fixes I commented about would be touched. I sat in at least 4 2 hour meetings with technology specialists to see no changes in the overall product.

I did meet some pretty cool people along the way, and it did help me land a relationship with my last girlfriend Lexy. One memory with her I’ll share is when we went out to Churchill Downs. She got all dressed up, and I did my best. She let me see her dress, and I couldn’t believe how beautiful it looked. I guess maybe it was the first time I’ve really seen or felt someone so dressed up. When I went to prom in high school I didn’t really focus on these details. For me anyway as I get older I really do stop and reflect on things that are beautiful. I can’t see the dress or I honestly don’t think in colors of fabrics and such, but when someone puts the effort in to look amazing it can take my breath away.

When I reread my blog so far, one thing is apparent. I have ADD. I swear I just wanted to reflect on my time at Clear Channel, and I write 2 paragraphs about Lexy.


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