Playing video games

One thing I love is playing video games. I don’t do it as often anymore because I don’t have time for one, and the newer game systems have way too many menus. Mainly I like to play basketball, football, baseball, and occasionally a fighting game. You might be asking how can you play and not be able to see? Well in the next few paragraphs I will answer that question.

My friend Jared introduced me to Mortal Kombat back in the early 90s. I think my love for videogames Spohn from there. I quickly gravitated towards football and I started playing NFL game day 1997. So first things first I would have to have someone read me the initial screens and memorize them. I honestly can still tell you how to get into the game verbally. When I have Alzheimer’s later in life I’m just to repeat down down right left r1 l1 and people will just be lost. So when the game first came up it would show you exhibition season so you pick your game type. Once you press x you will be selecting your team. Now this was pretty simple it’s alphabetical by team last name so for example it would go packers Panthers patriots Raiders rams ravens Redskins Saints Seahawks Steelers and so forth. Yes I did that by memory. So you would choose the home and away team and continue. Now choose which side you want go right you’re the home team go left you’re the away team. Press X and you’re going to the game. Once in the game you just listen to the sound memorize what plays do what and you’re good to go. You can take a few possessions to learn what receiver corresponds with what button but you’ll eventually get the hang of it.

I was pretty good but every year I would have to learn a new menu system and new plays. I don’t play much anymore because on the newer game systems they become more multimedia destinations then just video game systems. I do have an Xbox and play online from time to time but I don’t get the same thrill as I once did. I think playing football and baseball and basketball on my video game system help me or made me feel like I could at least play that sport in some sense of realism. We have to use memory when playing so it’s a little bit cumbersome. I always thought that a TV screen reader would be amazing because I could have full access to the video games I love but technology never caught up to bat and still hasn’t. It is amazing to me I can use an iPhone and iPad and a computer but heaven forbid I want to program my DVR or look at settings on my television. I have an application that can tell me the color of my shirt but yet when browsing my television I have no idea what show is on unless I use the TV Guide. I cannot wait for the day where I can sit down with just the TV remote I know what is on and have full access to my television and must be a nice feeling. By the way they do not cut me any break on my bill for this inconvenience.

I dictated this again sorry I really will stop this. My iPad is charging I fell asleep listening to some radio earlier. Dictation also still has a little ways to go. Haha one thing though that new technology does permit is it enables me to use face time and have someone read the screen for me which is nice. A bit annoying but at least it’s one option.


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