A baseball memory, my grandpa, and my trip to Phoenix.

A lot of my day today was trying to figure out where I can stay that would be convenient for me when going to Phoenix. I needed something that would be close to the bus or train stops. I finally found one that is two blocks from the train. Where I need to go on Thursday for my television interview is off a train stop so this is very convenient. I got Robin’s bag packed already so that way she’s not so nervous.

My friend Chris came up today and he brought his two daughters. When they first got here this morning they asked me to play dolls with them so I obliged. I then showed Chris some new content that I’ve been riding for radio. He liked it so we struck a deal. For whatever reason I’ve had no luck with gaining an actual radio show but people like to purchase my content. I’m really feeling that if this does not work out in Arizona I’m going to hang it up altogether with broadcasting. I think my heart is heading towards teaching anyway.

I had a job offer last year while working with the Detroit Tigers to do radio in the afternoons for a pretty big Detroit a.m. radio station. I nearly took it but the biggest problem was it was not guaranteed money so I have this fear of if I moved to Detroit and get fired after one month I have nothing left. I’m just sitting there stuck in Detroit and nobody should want that. I also had a few friends in the radio industry look at the contract as well as a lawyer and they all agreed that it was too risky. The last few months at times I’ve been depressed about my decision and wonder if I should of went. I don’t think I would’ve liked Detroit though! I really enjoy Louisville actually. When I left Muncie to come here I wanted to prove to myself to get somewhere where no one knew me and become successful. Other than being robbed I feel pretty safe here. I’ve never doubted myself being here and I’m glad I took the opportunity.

I love baseball it is my favorite sport. The thing I love about the game is for 162 days it is there even if you’re not there watching it. I like the consistency. One-story I usually tell about how the game is been there for me is when I was 16 I was dating this girl and we just went to a movie and she brought me home t afterwards. She told me in the car that one day I will be perfect I asked her what she meant by that and she said when I’m in heaven I will be able to see. She then said that she could no longer date me because I couldn’t drive. I remember going to my house being pretty sad. I went to my room and put on the radio. I heard the warm voices of Pat and Ron the voices for the Chicago Cubs. Ron Santa was a hero of mine because one he played with diabetes and the time no one understood the disease. He faced a lot of adversity and I respect him for that. Later on when he started working for Cubs radio he lost both of his legs so he had prosthetics. He never missed a game and his spirit reminded me of my grandpa. You could tell days he was not doing well but he was still there you don’t see that often. He was a character and always bring a smile to my face I’ll never forget him. I have an autograph ball from him and it might be one of my favorite things. The game was just always there for me when I was struggling with bouts of depression.

I could never play baseball but I remember my grandpa when I was six bought me a T-ball with a string attached. My grandpa was always encouraging me to play sports. I had a basketball hoop in his barn and one on the inside of his house on the door. We play against each other him sitting in his chair me retrieving the ball after he missed. He is to always tell me that he played in high school and I said I can see why you only made it to high school. I love playing with the tee ball on a string because I could hit it and retrieve it. I would fake broadcast baseball games all the time when I was really young. I think this year I’m going to participate in Louisville on a beep baseball team. It’s not exactly like baseball but I think it would be fun.

This is like the most random post I’ve done yet but I’m using my iPhone to write this so I just wanted to see how it would go. I won’t take this post down, but after reading it I’m going to stick to using my iPad with the keyboard. I dictated this and I see some errors but oh well.


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