Victoria’s Secret

My friends Mat, Natalie, and I went to the mall about a year ago to meet Mat’s girlfriend Amanda at Red Robin for dinner. We got off the bus and found an entrance to Victoria’s Secret for the mall. None of us had gone in to the mall this way before, but I was like we can find someone and have them point us in the right direction. The next 20 minutes was the biggest waste of time in my life.

We walk in, and no one says hello, thanks for shopping with us, or how can I help you today all I here is rave music. I tell Robin forward trying to listen for clues it’s a big mall, so my thought was I’ll here the echo of the mall letting me know where the entrance was. Robin sometimes when things get narrow will hug a wall, so when she does this my shoulder catches some Panties hanging and knocks them to the floor. I pick them up and hang them back, because I don’t want to be rude. We walk on and no one still acknowledges us. I find a customer, and ask if she knows how to get out in to the mall, and she says straight ahead past the escalators. We walk on, and I hear the escalator spinning so I’m thinking great the door should be somewhere close! However I can’t locate it I here no noise from the mall of course it’s hard to hear with the music thumping. Finally I just say outside to Robin and we turn back towards are original entrance. As were about to walk out the door finally after 20 minutes a lady says have a good night. Seriously? Three blind people walking around your store and no one approach us? Regardless what if I was a possible customer? I said thank you and walked outside to another entrance which I was more familiar with. I think it was cold and we were trying to save time from walking outside, but just added on to the night since no one would offer any help. It can be like that from time to time where just no one acknowledges you which can feel weird.

In the next week I will be live blogging my trip to Arizona, and talking about my experience doing television. I really am still just deciding what to put in this blog, so for now it’s just things that come to my mind. I want to give you an idea of my every day encounters as well as some of my past experiences.


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