Using echolocation

I feel this might be a good topic that most might find interesting. I started using echo location at a young age. I could click my tongue, and hear things like the height of ceilings, or when I was walking trees. MS. Tammy used to call me a bat, because I could find a lot of objects just by using echo location. She would encourage me to use it. She would actually have me do it, and tell her when we were passing trees. I remember once my mom stood off to the side and I said we were passing a tree and it ended up being my mom. Haha that was a good laugh. As I get older I use it a lot to tell the space between cars, or I use it all most every day to find the dumpster at my apartment complex. Using echo location it enables me to not have to carry a cane outside when taking my trash out.

My friend Whitney told me about this kid who went on Oprah demonstrating echo location. He is crazy good at it, because he can hear things like fire hydrants. I would never just solely use echo location in public, but I use it as a tool to see more in a sense. When I walk in to a room for the first time I don’t have a lot of details, so echo location is kind of nice, because I can get a good idea how large the circumference of the room might be.


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