Shopping can be an adventure if your going independently, but thankfully shopping online helps. I’ve been trying to figure out a good way how to explain a shopping trip for you the reader, so I’ll do my best. How it usually works is I’ll go to lets say Walmart. I will find the customer service desk, and ask for assistance with shopping. I am then usually told they will call someone up to the front to assist me. This is the longest processs usually, because you never know what to expect. I’ve waited 3 minutes, and I’ve waited over an hour. Depending on transportation this can be the most problematic event for your day. Not only are you dealing with the store you also have to deal with transportation with a bus or a door to door service.

Once your assigned a shopper you walk around with them picking out the itums you need. I’ve had pretty good success with this, but if you get a teenager half the time they’re like I don’t think we cary this or we don’t have that. The other thing that is great about shopping online is say I want coffee, but I don’t know what flavors they have. Most times the person won’t read you what is available so when I started shopping online it was amazing to find out how many flavors or brands there actually is of something. Most shopping assistants have never encountered a blind person, so most of the time it’s kind of fun to educate them. There has been some awkward moments where they call someone up and they just say I don’t know how to help him. I’m blind not deaf so lets start there I can hear every word your saying. The most annoying thing that happens a lot is when someone speaks but talks around you. What I mean by this is say were at a restaurant the waitress would say something like what would he like to eat? This has happened on dates and it makes me so uncomfortable. One time at Red Lobster a lady handed me a straw and asked if I could open it myself. I had a long day, so I snapped and said I graduated college I think I can open a straw. I feel bad looking back on it now, because she probably didn’t know, but I’m human.

When I was going to college I used to shop at the store a lot more then I do now. I’ve gotten lazy or maybe it’s just I like the convenience of things just showing up, and I’m in more control of what I get. The fact I don’t have to set aside 3 hours of my day to go to one place really does help and makes me more efficient. I get why blind people are excited about the self driving car, but I feel we should focus on more prevalent issues. The fact that 63% of blind people are currently not working is more upsetting to me.


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